About us

Innogiene provides innovative hygiene technologies to the food industry door with a strong focus on environmental alternatives.



Our area of expertise is in food hygiene and we have selected a basket of products that helps food manufacturing companies minimize the impact that harsh chemicals have on our environment while delivering improved hygiene.

By detecting biofilms, companies are able to understand their biofilm profile and apply chemical disinfection in a controlled manner as opposed to the traditional way of applying large volumes of chemicals when they experience the spikes in the microbial counts that often indicates the presence of biofilms.

By removing or preventing biofilms  food quality managers are able to selectively prevent the build up of biofilms and and reduce the risks associated with random spikes in bacteria in final product.

The use of ozone as a form of disinfection has long been known to be a powerful and effective green alternative to the harsh chemicals and high water consumption traditionally used in the food processing industry.

Electrochemically Activated Water  is another powerful disinfectant which is 100% non toxic to humans and the environment. It is generated on site and is approved for use in the food processing industry.

At the same time, we help companies address some of the most important hygiene challenges they face which are:

  • Biofilms
  • Human error
  • Microbial resistance