“We are training cells to become more and more resistant,” Dr Manuel Simões. Biofilm cells (removed from the EPS matrix) are able to resist biocides due the presence of persister cells. Novel prevention solutions are the key in the fight against food borne diseases. There are a number of innovative solutions with reduced environmental and public health impact which have been proven to control biofilms. Innogiene offers biofilm detection, elimination and prevention solutions. www.innogiene.co.za or www.biofilmremove.com for further information.

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Happy Customer!

Today as an entrepreneur was a GREAT day. What a feeling! When you do your follow up call after your client has bought their first order, used the product for a month and says, "We've tried two other companies who said their products can remove biofilms and they just...

Exhibiting Hygiene Innovations at RMAA annual conference

Innogiene exhibited its range of innovative hygiene technologies at the Red Meat Abattoir Association annual conference at Spier in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Biofilms were once again a hot topic at the conference and delegates were pleasantly surprised to discover...

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