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Carbotect™ is a proprietary colour based diagnostic test for the real-time detection of ultra-low levels of organic contaminants in water samples

CarboTect Case Studies



Prof. Bettie Lodolo

Extensive studies were undertaken in collaboration with SABMiller by Dr Robin Kirkpatrick to develop a real-time CIP validation method for the detection of residual organics in final CIP rinse water.
The Carbotect™ system fills a unique niche not covered by existing rapid validation technologies. Classical micro plating techniques are the most cost effective, allows for quantification but require trained microbiologists and extensive incubation periods. Carbotect™ and ATP are priced similarly per analysis, both offer immediate results, require low skill levels but do not allow for identification or quantification. However, the Carbotect™ system has the advantage over the ATP system since no initial capital equipment layout is required.