Carbotect Biofilm Detector for CIP



CARBOTECT is an organic (carbohydrate) detection tool developed by a South African scientist as an instant pass/fail diagnostic test to gauge the efficacy of clean-in-place processes. It should prove a welcome addition to every QA/QC department.

CARBOTECT is based on the fact that microbes do not exist in isolation and the presence of nutrients act as the catalysts for their growth. Incomplete or ineffective cleaning procedures will result in the progressive accumulation of product compounds which supply the nutrients required for microbial growth.

The time has come for your Quality Assurance to pass with flying colours!

Determining the success of a cleaning procedure on food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing equipment is based primarily upon the assessment of the microbiological profile of the final rinse solution after cleaning and sanitation, as well as microbiological swabbing of product contact surfaces.


Biofilm Detection

Allergen Detection

Sanitiser Residue Detection

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The Carbotect™ technology has been:

Industry sectors where the CARBOTECT tool may be used:

Food processing

Beverage production and packaging

Bulk water facilities

Hospitality industry

Pharmaceutical plants

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The test is simple….