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Eco-Lyte is the worlds leading “Green Cleaning Technology”. By simply passing salt and water through our patented electronic reactors we produce a sterilisation product that DESTROYS VIRUSES AND BACTERIA equal to or better than ANY sterilisation solution the world has to offer.

ECA – The Company

ECA Technologies Africa is a South African founded company and is a leader in the provision of ECA Solutions in the Pathogen Management and Carbon Disinfection Technology (Municipal Wastewater) market space.

We started out in the European market (based in Ireland) and investigated the opportunities on the African continent for a few years before deciding the time was perfect to compete for business in this emerging giant. An equity based deal with a local VC has allowed ECA Technologies to launch in earnest in South Africa and start to target to whole Sub-Saharan African region.

ECA Technologies Africa uses advanced patented Electro Chemical Activation technology to generate ECA Solutions (non chemical based cleaning solutions called Eco-Lyte) that are rapid-acting, broad-spectrum and anti-microbial. All ECA Solutions are non-toxic, non-irritant, odourless and environmentally-friendly. ECA products are generated on demand and applied where required eliminating the concerns normally associated with the procuring, storing and handling of chemical products which are used to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

The company is also seriously focussed on the growth and welfare of the African continent and its people. This technology provides the perfect platform to introduce clean drinking water to poor rural areas and provide a cost effective way of keeping local hospitals and doctors rooms clean from deadly viruses and bacteria. ECA Technologies Africa is a company born out of Africa and is ready to give back to the continent. Michelle Bergh heads up the ECA Tech Africa social responsibility program called “A-HA” (A Healthy Africa).