The presence of Biofilms is characterised by frequent and unexplained spikes in TVCs, where these have released microorganisms into the environment. This can also follow closely on a ‘deep clean’ either where mechanical action has disturbed the surface of the biofilm and released infection, or where the deep clean has reduced the normal micro flora: this can reduce the competition for resources and prompt the biofilm to release microorganisms to colonise further areas.

Catalase is an enzyme found in almost all living cells, and is almost universally found in biofilms.

Biofinder is designed to react with catalase to produce highly visible result. It is a food safe and non-corrosive orange gel and is normally applied by a spray bottle. In the presence of biofilms, the gel shows a highly visible colour change with the development of a layer of many micro-bubbles within the gel, that makes visible the extent of the biofilm on the treated surface.

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