Alvim Biofilm Sensor

Bacteria can colonize and form biofilms inside pipelines and CIP cleaned systems in a very short period of time.  The ALVIM real-time, in line, Biofilm Monitoring System is able to detect bacterial attachment as soon as it starts to occur.  

The system gives users live information about the microbial world inside pipelines allowing them to take immediate corrective action or optimise cleaning treatments. 

Biofilm Remove

Innovative solutions for the detection, control and elimination of biofilms in the food industry.

The presence of biofilms on work surfaces during food processing is one of the main causes of microbial contamination. Biofinder reveals contaminated areas in just 30 seconds and the use of enzymatic products allows us to eliminate and prevent biofilms.


Carbotect™ is a colour based diagnostic test for the real-time detection of ultra-low levels of organic contaminants in water samples taken from closed processing systems.

Carbotect™ is used for the validation of Cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures and to monitor for in-line biofilm formation. 


Electro Chemical Activation (ECA)

Electro Chemical Activation is the process of passing a diluted saline (brine) solution and ordinary tap water through a patented electrical process (reactors) to produce a powerful disinfectant – HYPOCHLOROUS ACID. The product is produced on site and replaces the use of existing harmful chemicals for the sterilisation of produce, water, equipment and personnel.

The product is completely harmless to humans yet powerful enough to replace chemical disinfectants in the food processing industry.



JIMCO A/S is known as an innovative and groundbreaking developer of a technology based on photolytic oxidation.

Photolytic oxidation is "cold burning" in which the harmful microorganisms in the air and on surfaces are destroyed and at the same time odour-binding protein chains are broken down.

The technology is used in waste-water treatment systems, odour and fat reduction units as well as air and surface disinfection in food processing  facilities.  


PhageGuard contributes to safer food production by using phages. As the natural enemy of bacteria, phages specifically kill pathogens like Salmonella and Listeria, and leave the good ones intact. They are green, smart and easy to apply on food via spraying, misting or dipping. Phages can also be used directly on food contact surfaces or in the processing environment.

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