Science rooted in nature

Our products support global environmental sustainability



Multi applications for killing viruses and bacteria in every industries



Detection and elimination on surfaces and in CIP systems


UV-C & Ozone

Disinfection, air purification and kitchen pollution control


General Disinfection

We have an affordable, effective, 100% safe, on-the-go solution for room fogging, hand sanitising, and disinfection of all surfaces.

Biofilm Diagnostics

Even in the cleanest looking spaces, we have the technology making invisible biofilms visible so they can be eliminated.

Biofilm Elimination

Once the problem areas have been located we have the appropriate products to eliminate biofilms on surfaces or in CIP systems

Air Purification

In our Ozone range we have portable environmental air purifiers so you can keep breathing fresh clean air wherever you are.


We have just the thing to keep kitchen pollution under control with our UV-C & Ozone product range.

Ozone Surface Disinfection

Efficient disinfection and odour removal without manual procedures, chemicals or water.

Latest Updates

Did you miss the Biofilm Summit 2020? Here’s a recap…

Biofilms form the largest activity center on the planet. Contamination, fouling and energy loss from biofilms is costing the food industry billions in world GDP, while claiming the lives of millions worldwide. Recently we had the pleasure of attending the Barcelona Biofilm Summit 2020 held online. It was extremely interesting and informative, and for those […]

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Zero tolerance for Listeria means zero tolerance for biofilms!

Anyone working in the food processing industry will know how a biofilm left undetected and untreated can cause havoc. Outbreaks of large scale contamination start with biofilm-forming bacteria. Listeria are amongst the most enthusiastic of these biofilm formers. Listeria monocytogenes, is a foodborne pathogen responsible for the Listeriosis illness. It is able to rapidly adhere […]

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