EnzyJet Plus & BioJet

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The powerful combination of an enzymatic detergent and concentrated biofilm eliminator for open surfaces.

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Eliminating and preventing biofilms on open surfaces

EnzyJet Plus

An enzymatic detergent that has been specially designed for the elimination and prevention of biofilms on open surfaces in the food processing industry. It is a combination of enzymes that target the EPS of the biofilm with a surfactant to allow application by means of foaming. Use alone or combined with BioJet, depending on treatment type.


A concentrated mixture of enzymes that has been specially designed as a boosting agent for the EnzyJet Plus for the elimination of biofilms on open surfaces in the food production industry. A highly concentrated product which results in excellent efficacy at low doses, meaning cost savings in terms of biofilm treatments.


  • pH Neutral
  • Improves cleaning efficiency
  • Non-corrosive for surface materials
  • Low exposure risk for operators
  • Easily biodegradable ingredients
  • Efficient elimination of biofilms
  • Breaks the biofilm life-cycle preventing repeated random microbial spikes
  • Not considered hazardous to the environment, in accordance with current legislation


“We were faced with a chiller repeatedly being indicated as a pathogen hot spot. We used the combination of the biofilm finder with the correct enzyme application and not only was the problem immediately solved, but there were no re-occurring incidents for many months to follow. In my experience, Innogiene enzymatic products should form part of a dairy production facility’s routine cleaning regime.”  Dr Anina Guelpa (Quality Control Manager) – Marcels Frozen Yogurt

Technical Info

Open surface treatment of biofilms


Enzymatic concentrate for mixing with ENZY JET PLUS for the elimination of biofilms on open surfaces.

# Product Appearance pH Composition
1 BioJet Light brown liquid 5.8 ± 0.2 Contains enzymes < 5%, PHENOXYETHANOL, BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE.

Directions for use

  • In a suitable container mix the products BIOJET and ENZY JET in a ratio of 1:15.
  • Once prepared it must be used within the next two hours.
  • Apply by foam projection using a low pressure cleaning equipment adjusted to a dosage of 3%.
  • Keep the water temperature at 45 – 55 °C and a contact time on surfaces for at least for 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty water.

EnzyJet Plus

Enzymatic concentrated foaming detergent for the cleaning and elimination of biofilms on surfaces.

# Product Appearance pH Composition
1 EnzyJet Clear amber liquid 8 ± 0.2 Sodium lauryletherglycolate ethoxylated (11), N,N-dimethyl-C12-C14-alkylamine N-oxide,anionic surfactants 5-15%, non-ionic surfactants <5%, enzymes <5%, PHENOXYETHANOL

Directions for use

  • Apply ENZY JET PLUS preferably at a dosage of 1% in water.
  • Apply by foam projection using a low pressure cleaning equipment and water at 45 – 55 °C.
  • Keep a contact time on surfaces for 15 – 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty water.
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