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A non-foaming detergent and biofilm eliminator combination specially formulated for cleaning in CIP systems.

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General Details

Enzymatic treatment for CIP circuits


Non-foaming detergent specially formulated for the control and elimination of biofilms in CIP systems.

TENSIO CIP is always used in conjunction with BIO CIP, which when combined act effectively to facilitate the elimination of biofilms.

Its formula based on the combination of surfactants confers a great cleaning capacity without degrading the materials thanks to its neutral pH.



Concentrated enzyme mix specially designed for the elimination of biofilms in CIP facilities in the agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical, chemical, sanitary and collectivity industries.

BIO CIP is used in conjunction with TENSIO CIP which, when combined, act effectively to facilitate the elimination of biofilms.

Its high concentration allows a great efficiency with a low dosage, being able to adjust the costs of the antibiofilms treatments.


Technical Info

CIP system treatment of biofilms


Enzymatic concentrate to be mixed with TENSIO CIP or ENZYCIP for the elimination of biofilms in CIP circuits.

# Product Appearance pH Composition
1 BioCip Light brown clear liquid 5.8 ± 0.2 Enzymes


Detergent to mix with BIOCIP for treatments in the elimination of biofilms in CIP circuits.

# Product Appearance pH Composition
1 TensioCip Yellowish liquid 10 ± 0.5 Anionic surfactants 5-15 %
Non-ionic surfactants 5-15 %.

Directions for use

  • Prepare a solution with BIOCIP and TENSIOCIP in a ratio of 1:5, respectively.
  • Apply the previous blend at 0.3%.
  • Use water at temperature between45 – 55°C.
  • Recirculate the solution through CIP unit for 30 – 120 minutes (depending on the CIP length).
  • Rinse with abundant water.
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