ALVIM Biofilm Monitoring System

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An early warning monitoring system for detecting bacterial biofilm growing in pipelines, tanks, machinery, etc.

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General Details

Real-time, online, continuous biofilm monitoring

Bacteria can colonize in structures in contact with water, like pipelines, tanks, machinery, etc., in a very short time if appropriate countermeasures are not applied.

The ALVIM sensor is able to detect bacterial settlement from the moment microbial attachment starts (down to 1% of surface covered by microorganisms). Real-time data is used to make decisions on when to apply biofilm removal enzymes, and to manually or automatically adjust and optimize cleaning treatments or biocide treatments.

Advantages of this technology

  • Early warning detection of bacterial biofilm development
  • While fouling sensors detect “generic deposit”, ALVIM probes detect bacterial biofilm
  • Optimization of cleaning and sanitation treatments
  • Easy to install, easy to operate
  • Virtually maintenance-free probe
  • Real-time, continuous biofilm monitoring
  • High sensitivity
  • Modular, scalable system
Technical Info

Alvim Technical Information

Code Description
AS01S3 ALVIM biofilm monitoring sensor 4-20 mA and RS485/MODBUS RTU, including – monitoring equipment & cable heads
ALVIM_CB_USB Power unit and RS485/USB communication card – One power unit per 4 sensors


Connection to the process: Varivent ® Type N
Sensitivity: 100% of surface covered by biofilm
(i.e. the first bacterial layer)
Operating conditions
Temperature: -10<T<+150ºC
(to monitor biofilm growth: +2<T<+40ºC)
Oxygen: >1ppm
Pressure: <10bar
Conductivity: >30µS/cm
Power supply: 12V DC20%
Data communication protocols: 4-20mA and RS485/MODBUS RTU
Wiring: Standard 6-wire electric cable


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