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Reduce pollution, and clean air both inside and outside buildings. This also reduces the risk of fire by up to 95%.

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Odour, grease and fat reduction

JIMCO specialises in odour and grease control in commercial kitchens. The Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC) systems uses special lamps that produce UV- light and ozone to eliminate odour and manage grease.

The lamps are placed in a steel frame, which is installed behind the filters in the hood or, in cases where this is not possible due to lack of space, in an enclosure immediately above the hood.

Exposure to intensive UV-C light and ozone oxidation causes contaminants in the air to be destroyed, resulting in the reduction of odour emissions to the surroundings and at the same time prevents grease deposits in the ductwork.

Using UV-C to effectively treat air, both inside and outside buildings reduces air pollution and decreases the risk of fire by up to 95%.

The advantages of using a JIMCO KPC system

  • Decreased risk of fire
  • Odour reduction
  • No use of chemicals or deodorizing oils
  • No use of filters, e.g. active carbon or catalysts
  • No residues or liquid substances
  • Eliminates the need to regularly clean the hood and the kitchen exhaust ducts
  • Maximum exhaust function due to clean ducts
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple installation in existing hoods
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Bespoke KPC systems

Contact us and we will dimension each system for your specific hood size, shape and air volume.

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The Process


Does the KPC system installed in the kitchen hood affect the indoor safety?

​The equipment is always installed so that air is let through the extract system. In this way, it is not possible to produce any ozone residue in the kitchen. It is possible to install a pressure guard on the kitchen extract system so that the KPC-unit will automatically be switched off in case of fan failure.


Is the exhaust air from the KPC system dangerous to the environment?

​After the process there are no compounds remaining that are dangerous to the nature. Everything contained in the end products is 100% biodegradable and 100% sterilized.


What is the leftover product after fat and grease has been treated?

After the oxidation is completed the end product is mainly CO2 and water along with a small amount of polymerized grease, which leaves the extract system as dust.​


Do I need to clean my ducts when I use JIMCO’s KPC System?​


The KPC system is designed to keep your commercial kitchen hoods and your ducts clean. We have evidence from one of the worlds largest fast food restaurants showing that after 3 years and 2 months their ducts are still clean. Video from the ducts shows that you can still see the stickers inside the ducts from when the ducts were installed.


Ozone gets the thumbs up for neutralizing Coronavirus

As per the article we came across in Reuters TOKYO: “Japanese researchers said on Wednesday that low concentrations of ozone can neutralise coronavirus particles, potentially providing a way for hospitals to disinfect examination rooms and waiting areas.” Read the full article here. And we have just the machine for this – JIMCO’s MAC500 Air Purifier. […]

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Explore new technologies

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” (Albert Einstein). Thank you Annelich Consulting for this quote. Embracing new technologies was a message that came through from one of the giants in the food processing industry. Using ozone has long been accepted in the scientific community as a powerful anti-microbial agent. […]

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