Science rooted in nature

Our products support global environmental sustainability

At Innogiene we are constantly delivering the latest innovative, yet ecologically responsible, products to solve hygiene problems in all sectors.

Our hygiene expertise comes from our experience in the Food Processing Industry where hygiene has always been a challenge. By using our specially selected products to detect biofilm hot spots we can target and eliminate bacteria in a controlled manner to prevent contamination. This reduces the overuse of large volumes of harsh chemicals traditionally used during microbial spikes.

The use of ozone for disinfection has long been known to be a powerful and effective green alternative to the harsh chemicals and high water consumption of other methods. We embrace this technology with a range of suitable units for home and industry.

Electrochemically Activated Water or Anolyte is another powerful disinfectant which is 100% non-toxic to humans and the environment. Our brand, Eco-Lyte (NTL) is ideal for surface disinfection that can be used absolutely anywhere.

What Our Products Do

The products in our range have been specifically selected to detect and solve hygiene problems that plague industries, and to prevent reinfection or future outbreaks.

  1. General Disinfection

    For general on-the-go disinfection (at no cost to our environment) we use Eco-Lyte (NTL) which is an electrolysed water with the active ingredient Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl has been proven by the medical industry as a superior alternative to IPA (alcohol) products for disinfection.

  2. Ozone Surface Disinfection

    For room disinfection ozone is our product of choice. Ozone destroys airborne and surface microorganisms in a room, getting into hard-to-reach areas and even into ventilation ducts that could otherwise be missed. Ozone is a powerful and effective broad spectrum disinfectant without the use of chemicals or water.

  3. Biofilm Diagnostics

    Because biofilms are invisible to the naked eye in their early stages, we need products to reveal their location in order to treat the infected area.

    BioFinder is a surface spray that gives fast positive visual feedback if biofilm is present.

    The Alvim Biofilm Monitor is an early warning device for revealing biofilms in machinery, pipelines and tanks.

    Carbotect detects organic compounds in liquid, especially useful in the food, beverage, water and pharma industries.

  4. Biofilm Elimination

    Biofilms are difficult to remove. They are anchored to their chosen surface and are protected by a slimy shield. Often a multi product approach is required, which is why we have teamed up two sets of products for successful elimination in the two different types of applications: EasyJet Plus & BioJet for open surfaces and TensioCip & BioCip for closed/cip systems.

  5. Air Purification

    Our high tech ozone machines release ozone into the air, destroying germs, bacteria, fungi and odours, effectively cleaning the air.

    The Mac500 is perfect for home and office use while people are present. The OZ1000/T & OZ2000 are perfect for hotels, car dealers, restaurants, crematoriums, etc. wherever a shorter burst of air cleaning is needed. And the FLO-D and FLO-D Mini for industrial use.

  6. Kitchen Pollution Control

    Commercial kitchens need to control odour emissions, grease build up and grease deposits in ducts to remain hygienic. By using JIMCO’s patented UV-C technology to treat the air this is achieved along with the reduced risk of fire. Our JIMCO KPC systems are designed to fit your existing hood for a simple installation.

Our Mission

Our mission at INNOGIENE has always been to bring sustainable, effective hygiene to the Food Processing Industry through innovative technologies. With the rise of pandemics, hygiene has become paramount to every industry, corporate environment and household.

Our mission now is to make this innovative hygiene technology available to all.