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A portable air-purifyer to decrease the spread of disease in areas where people are present

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Purifying the air we breath​

Mac500 reduces the number of bacteria, viral disease, mold and fungi within the room in a safe and efficient way.

It is designed to decrease the spread of disease in rooms and in areas where people gather.

This unique technology helps to reduce indoor air pollution and eliminates the sources of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, COPD and asthma.

We recommend placing the MAC500 in all rooms and areas where people are present and especially where the risk of disease spreading is high.

The MAC500 has to be placed as high as possible in the room and can cover an area of 60 m3.

The MAC500 is also ideal for extending shelf life of produce in kitchens and vegetable storage areas.

JIMCO A/S conducted a test with a recognized, certified, third-party institute in Denmark where they tested the reduction of ethylene gas with the MAC500.

The test concluded that this technology reduced ethylene gasses substantially which extended the life of fruit and vegetables. Ethylene is produced from essentially all parts of higher plants, including leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits, tubers, and seeds. Ethylene is speeds up the ripening process and as a result it will make fruit and vegetable deteriorate faster.

Examples of application areas

  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Waiting rooms, lounges, changing rooms
  • Offices
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Salons
  • Public toilets and changing rooms
  • Vets and pet hotels
  • Etc.
Technical Info

Technical data

# Table Header Table Header
1 UV Lamp 1 x 8W
2 Voltage 230V
3 Power Consumption 25w room area 60m3
4 Operating Lamp 8000 hours
5 Size 310mm(L) x 90mm(H) x 90mm(w)


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How does the MAC500 work?

Inside the MAC500 unit there are special frequency UV-C lights and, although UV-C is already known as an effective way to destroy microorganisms, our lamps also produce ozone.

The unit sucks in air from the room, passes it over the UV-C light, which does one part of the job, and then also changes the oxygen molecule O2 into an ozone molecule O3. The ozone is then blown out into the room with a fan that is inside the unit. The ozone then goes to work oxidising the other molecules in the room.

How does ozone kill bacteria and viruses?

The process is called photolytic oxidation. The ozone oxidises the cell walls of the microorganism which then ruptures destroying it. Ozone works this way on all cell walls not only bacteria and viruses and that’s what makes it so effective on the things that cause allergic reactions.

I’ve heard that ozone can be dangerous for humans, is that true?

Yes. Ozone can be dangerous at high levels, and if you use high voltage ozone. However, the manufacturing company JIMCO has been working in the development of ozone technology for over 25 years and they have found a way to manage this oxidizing agent. The MAC500 has been developed to mimic nature, it produces the same level of ozone you would experience stepping out into the sunlight at sea level.

This has been verified by independent laboratories (certificates are available).

Another thing to know is that ozone is not very stable so the ozone molecule (O3) wants to revert back to its original state which is oxygen (O2) which it does after only 15 minutes. Therefore, the by-product of ozone is oxygen, purified.

How can it help people?

Firstly if you are sharing a room with others the ozone will be continually cleaning the expelled air from the others that have been in the room or are currently in the room limiting the chance of you inhaling their germs.

Secondly if someone has a compromised lung capacity, like sufferers of COPD (chronic obstructive lung disorder) for example, they tend to suffer from low energy, headaches, etc. because their lungs are struggling to purify the oxygen needed by the body. The MAC500 pre-purifies the air thereby reducing the struggle so the lungs can now be more effective at pumping oxygen.

Where do you use it?

In rooms where people are affected by airborne allergies, people with asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD.

Anywhere where groups of people gather in enclosed spaces.

Offices, schools, libraries, change rooms, gym change rooms, doctors, hair, massage and beauty therapists, hotels.

Ozone is also very effecting in neutralizing odours and is very useful in nail bars, restaurant kitchens, smoking rooms, toilets.

Finally, we have had enormous success inside walk in fridges in the catering sector. We have had the units running inside these fridges and it has drastically reduced the amount of spoilage because bacteria and mold is constantly being destroyed.

Case Studies

Here are some references to the effectiveness of the Mac500 in real life scenarios:

An article about a patient with COPD – read here

A testimonial from a mom who’s son has chronic asthma – read here

A reference from Maersk Shipping Lines – read here


Ozone gets the thumbs up for neutralizing Coronavirus

As per the article we came across in Reuters TOKYO: “Japanese researchers said on Wednesday that low concentrations of ozone can neutralise coronavirus particles, potentially providing a way for hospitals to disinfect examination rooms and waiting areas.” Read the full article here. And we have just the machine for this – JIMCO’s MAC500 Air Purifier. […]

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” (Albert Einstein). Thank you Annelich Consulting for this quote. Embracing new technologies was a message that came through from one of the giants in the food processing industry. Using ozone has long been accepted in the scientific community as a powerful anti-microbial agent. […]

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