Our Products

Eco-Lyte (NTL)

A fast-acting, non-toxic disinfectant that kills all known bacteria and viruses on contact.


An easy-to-use, innovative tool that detects invisible biofilms on open surfaces in under a minute.


Rapid and reliable diagnostics to detect organic compounds in equipment in the high risk food & beverage industries.

ALVIM Biofilm Sensor

An early warning monitoring system for detecting bacterial biofilm growing in pipelines, tanks, machinery, etc.

EnzyJet Plus & BioJet

The powerful combination of an enzymatic detergent and concentrated biofilm eliminator for open surfaces.

TensioCip & BioCip

A non-foaming detergent and biofilm eliminator combination specially formulated for cleaning in CIP systems.


Safely purifies air by killing 99.99% of airborne Coronavirus, bacteria and mould spores

OZ1000/T & OZ2000

Sanitize rooms, eliminate odour and greatly improve air quality without the use of chemicals.