30 Jul 2020

Dear QAs of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Is your CIP or water supply line clean? This 5-minute test will confirm.

In a previous article (Random microbial spikes? You may have a biofilm) we discussed the need for finding and eliminating biofilms on open surfaces. But, what if they are not on the surface?

What if they are creeping into your closed systems through your water supply? If left undetected and untreated they can contaminate your production line and even lead to the shutting down of your factory.

Luckily SA’s well-known scientist, Dr Robin Kirkpatrick, has invented Carbotect™. This definitive diagnostic tool will answer these questions in 5 minutes: Has your CIP process been effective? Is your water supply safe? Anyone with any skill level on the factory floor can use it. CarboTect™ is sensitive even to very low levels of organic compounds in water, alerting you to act quickly before the contamination reaches your final product.

How does it work?

• Fill a sample bottle with water
• Add a CarboTect™ sachet
• Wait five minutes
• Compare your sample to the colour chart supplied to measure the degree of organic contamination.

This outstanding product has received some prestigious awards:

  • Da Vinci Institute & Eskom Award for Excellence in the Management of Systems
  • Entrepreneurship Award from the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP)
  • Finalist – IChem Food and Drink Award 2017
  • Quality Innovation Award: Social and Health Care Sector Innovations – 2019 Finland and China Associations of Quality

What else can we check with this test?

• Dairy processing plants to check for residual milk sugars and proteins
• Rinse water after cleaning to check for residual oxidising sanitisers
• Fresh produce wash water
• Dental and medical unit water lines
• Industrial pipes and equipment
• Wastewater treatment plants
• Wine processing facilities to check for residual organic soils
• Fermentation processing and packaging equipment
• Filling equipment following cleaning and brand changes
• Bottle washers
• Quality assurance in pharmaceutical and cosmetic protocols

Regular cleaning will not be enough to remove biofilms

In the unfortunate event that you do discover you have biofilms building in your closed system, act swiftly! You need BioCip and TensioCip enzymes to get rid of biofilms in closed systems. Get in touch with us at Innogiene to order:

Do you want to know more about biofilms? Read this fascinating story of the Secret Life and Language of Biofilms

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