12 Jul 2017

Biofinder vs ATP for the detection of Biofilms

Regarding the comparison between Biofinder and ATP, the main difference is that ATP is used to monitor single cells and not biofilms; and Biofinder is used to detect biofilms and not single cells. The detection limit of Biofinder is 10 000cells/cm2, below this count, Biofinder will not react.

In contrast, ATP is not a very good tool to sample biofilms, especially when biofilms are mature as the transference of ATP inside the biofilm is very low. In these situations low ATP numbers will be obtained when in fact there is a huge and mature biofilm.
ATP and Biofinder are complimentary tools to be used for different objectives.

with thanks from Dr Irene Ylla Monfort, Technical Manager, Itram Higiene


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