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Exhibiting Hygiene Innovations at the RMAA Annual Conference

Innogiene exhibited its range of innovative hygiene technologies at the Red Meat Abattoir Association annual conference at Spier in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Biofilms were once again a hot topic at the conference and delegates were pleasantly surprised to discover Biofinder, for the rapid detection of biofilms, on display. Attendees presented appetite for finding new ways […]


Catalase is an enzyme found in almost all living cells, and is almost universally found in biofilms.

The presence of Biofilms is characterised by frequent and unexplained spikes in TVCs, where these have released microorganisms into the environment. This can also follow closely on a ‘deep clean’ either where mechanical action has disturbed the surface of the biofilm and released infection, or where the deep clean has reduced the normal micro flora: […]


Explore new technologies

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” (Albert Einstein). Thank you Annelich Consulting for this quote. Embracing new technologies was a message that came through from one of the giants in the food processing industry. Using ozone has long been accepted in the scientific community as a powerful anti-microbial agent. […]

General Hygiene, UV-C & Ozone

Detect biofilms in 30 seconds & protect your consumers and your company

“Listeria bacteria can sense when it is near other bacteria and secrete a sugary goo. This substance is called a biofilm and can allow the bacteria to live on inanimate surfaces. The biofilm protects the bacteria from cleaning agents. “A detergent could get superficial cells but leave behind some bacteria.” Professor Lucia Anelich from Anelich […]


Biofinder vs ATP for the detection of Biofilms

Regarding the comparison between Biofinder and ATP, the main difference is that ATP is used to monitor single cells and not biofilms; and Biofinder is used to detect biofilms and not single cells. The detection limit of Biofinder is 10 000cells/cm2, below this count, Biofinder will not react. In contrast, ATP is not a very […]


Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa

Reproduced with the permission of Lise Korsten | Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology and Co-Director at the Centre of Excellence in Food Security, University of Pretoria South Africa has had the biggest listeriosis outbreak in the world that resulted in more than 180 deaths to date. The Conversation Africa’s health editor […]

General Hygiene

Biofinder : Making the Invisible, Visible

Developed by ITRAM HIGENE is a specialised product for the detection of biofilms and surface contamination in the food, pharmaceutical and catering industries as an aid to hygiene control. It is especially suited to open surfaces. Based on detecting the presence of catalase, BioFinder is sprayed onto a surface and within 30 seconds contaminated areas […]


Biofilms are able to recover from biocidal treatments

“We are training cells to become more and more resistant,” Dr Manuel Simões. Biofilm cells (removed from the EPS matrix) are able to resist biocides due the presence of persister cells. Novel prevention solutions are the key in the fight against food borne diseases. There are a number of innovative solutions with reduced environmental and public […]


Prevent biofilms – use enzyme technology

Using enzyme technology to manage biofilms in food production facilities, epitomises the concept of preventive hygiene. I like to compare the use of enzymes to using antibiotics to deal with an infection. Once the infection has been treated, keeping a healthy gut by taking probiotics is a great strategy to long term health. In food […]