5 Mar 2018

Detect biofilms in 30 seconds & protect your consumers and your company

“Listeria bacteria can sense when it is near other bacteria and secrete a sugary goo. This substance is called a biofilm and can allow the bacteria to live on inanimate surfaces.

The biofilm protects the bacteria from cleaning agents. “A detergent could get superficial cells but leave behind some bacteria.” Professor Lucia Anelich from Anelich Consulting Food Safety Solutions

Contact us now to find WHERE the biofilms are in your factory and take corrective action. Use Biofilm Remove’s enzyme technology to break down the biofilm so that the sanitisers can gain access to the bacteria.

Innogiene can supply you today with Biofinder. The technology is available, verified, cost effective.

BIOFILM REMOVE is the result of a research and development project carried out by a group of companies and institutions including ITRAM HIGIENE, the Autonomous Universitiy of Barcelona (UAB), ALINYMA, LEITAT Technological Center, and the Canadian firm PHARMAX Limited.


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