17 Apr 2018

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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” (Albert Einstein). Thank you Annelich Consulting for this quote. Embracing new technologies was a message that came through from one of the giants in the food processing industry. Using ozone has long been accepted in the scientific community as a powerful anti-microbial agent.

For a long time, we have been aware that the sun may prevent the possibility of the spreading of bacteria. In 1877, two English researchers Downes and Blount (Downes, A., Blount T.P.: Researchers on the effect of sunlight upon bacteria and other organisms, London: Proc. Royal Society, 1877) found out that the breeding of micro-organisms stopped when these were exposed to sunlight. At that time, it was not yet possible to explain the process involved.

Later research has shown that the effect mentioned comes from the invisible part of the radiation of the sun that is below 320 Nm. When this knowledge became evident, it was possible to develop an artificial source of radiation for the production of bacteria destroying radiation. The research in the behaviour of the micro-organisms towards this kind of radiation has led to the development of new possibilities in the area of disinfection – from the air as well as from surfaces of solid material. Disinfection without use of chemical means of disinfection or the use of high temperatures has since then been accessible in areas earlier not possible or only with considerable difficulty.

Today, disinfection with UV-C light is not only very valuable but also a necessity as a supplement to other disinfection methods.

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